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Konk BVT Dispenser for 212 Gram Cans

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Konk BVT Dispenser for 212 Gram Cans
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BVT Dispenser for 212 Gram Metered Release Products Release 55mg of product every 15 minutes continuously 24/7.

► For use with Doktor Doom Metered Release Products Item # 88102 (Domestic) Doktor Doom Metered Release 212 Gram 1.8% Pyrethrin & Item # 88104 (Domestic)Doktor Doom 4 Zero Nine 212 Gram .975% Pyrethrin.

Non-Commercial licensed users must purchase the DOMESTIC use Metered Release Aerosol products only.

Commercial products only available to professional pest control operators, licensed applicators and farmers with valid pestcide licenses or exemptions.

Item # 99308 (Commercial) Doktor Doom 4 Eighteen 212 Gram 1.8% Pyrethrin and Item # 88105 (Commercial) Doktor Doom 4 Zero Nine C 212 Gram .975% Pyrethrin.



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